Interviews & Articles:

2020: Australian SpecFic Snapshot Interview 2020 (Australian SF Snapshot Project)

2020: Interview with Tabatha Woods at ‘Things in the Well’ Publications

2019: Sinister Reads Interview with Deb Sheldon:  Inspiration for Local Knowledge in Midnight Echo Issue 14

2018:  Breachzine Interview with Rebecca Fraser

2018  ‘The Frankston Leader’ 19 February, 2018   Myth a Matter of Perspective


2017    ‘Horror Tree’ Interview – 14 October, 2017   The Horror Tree Presents … An Interview with Rebecca Fraser

2017   Article – ‘The Mornington Peninsula Leader’ 11 September, 2017   Mornington Author Launches Creative Writing Workshops

2016    ‘The Mornington Peninsula Leader’ 1 November, 2016   Mount Martha Writer Marks Halloween with Inclusion in Horror Anthology

2016     Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2016

2014     Galactic Chat Podcast (Interview by Helen Stubbs)

2014     “Meet the Author” Undertow Anthology


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