Breach – Issue #9 is live and kicking (hard)!

Issue #9 of Breach is out now. The online magazine that showcases New Zealand and Australian authors and artists, features sci fi, horror and dark fantasy in all its short and twisted forms.

Issue #9 features my poem ‘The Middle of the Night’ – an ode to that disturbing halfway house between sleep and wakefulness, where the frayed seams between reality and dark fantasy start to overlap.Breach cover

If you like the sound of cyberpunk dystopias, nightmare arborists and a dark take on a classic fairy tale, you’ll be sure to enjoy the other contributions to this issue of Breach, edited by Peter Kirk.  I’m sharing the table of contents with Lazarus Gray, Piper Mejia, Melanie Harding-Shaw, Tony Wi, Hari Navarro, and Ronnie Smart. That cool cover art is by Oliver Hayes.

You can get your claws on a copy via Amazon here Smashwords here, or iTunes here.

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days 🙂
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I’m heading down the NaNoWriMo rabbit hole this November. Want to join me?

You can’t edit what isn’t written. That’s why, this November I’m going down the NaNoWriMo rabbit hole to make some much-needed head way on my latest work in progress.

For the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, the annual, internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. nanoParticipants attempt to write a 50,000 word manuscript between November 1 and November 30.

Sounds crazy, right? It is! This is fast and furious first draft territory. Your ugly vomit draft where your only objective is to get the words down and tell yourself the story.

Writing at this pace can be challenging if, like me, you’re the type who finds allowing yourself the freedom to write ugly words hard. My writing style is a kind of edit-as-I-go, followed by major structural edit once the first draft manuscript is printed (and has sufficiently marinated for a period of at least six weeks).

Others will rejoice in the liberation of letting their fingers fly across the keyboard in a race against their normal schedule. So, schedule … how’s that going to work? I’m a morning writer. I’m just not productive after dark. So, I’ll be getting up early and smashing out an hour and a half before breakfast. That’s the plan anyway. I’ve purchased a kettle for the home office so I don’t wake the rest of the house, and am stocked with quality coffee. NaNo success is all about finding a routine and schedule that works for you, and carving out your writing time around it.

I’ll be working towards completion of my sci fi novel, Tawn – a genre-blending offering that falls under the ‘space western’ banner … a fun and creatively-awesome sub-genre of science fiction. Tawn is Book 1 of The Hypatia Chronicles, a trilogy that follows the 37241353_10156190004911501_8753641204677083136_nstory arc of seventeen-year-old rancher Cambrey Hartmann on the colonised planet of Tawn. I’ve done a fair bit of plotting for this book, so hopefully that will pay off come November 1st!

If you’ve been trying to find the ‘right time’ to make a start on your novel, or short story collection, or educational resource … or whatever, I invite you all to join me on the NaNoWriMo ride. I’ve already linked up with the fabulous Lou Greene as a writing buddy, so look me up under ‘Rebecca Fraser’ and add me as your writing buddy too. We’ll all cheer each other along.


Good luck, everyone, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon. I’m a three time NaNoWriMo dropout – balancing work, family, life, and your creative projects can be difficult at the best of times, and you’re about to jump feet first into a pressure cooker! And try not to worry about the roughness of your words as you belt them out. That’s what second (and third and fourth) drafts are for!

And remember:  You can’t edit what isn’t written

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days…
Rebecca 🙂


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Horror for a great cause. Grab a copy of ‘Trickster’s Treats #2’ to read my latest story and help Women’s Community Shelters …

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time for another great edition of Trickster’s Treats, the annual charity horror anthology of flash fiction brought to you by Steve Dillon of Things in the Well Publications.

I love horror. I love flash fiction. And I love donating to a worthy cause. Trickster’s Treats ticks all those boxes, and after contributing to last year’s inaugural edition, Trickster’s Treats #1,  it’s great to have a new dark little tale included in Trickster’s Treat’s #2.

TT2 Cover

Trickster’s Treats #2 is jam packed with 34 bite-sized tales (and a poem) direct from the pumpkin patch, covering six different themes:  Halloween House / Pumpkin Head / Trick or Treat / Haunted Trees and Forests / Bob Apple / Fancy Dress.

I chose to write to the theme of  ‘Apple Bobbing’, and the result is a dark little offering titled Never Falls Far set amid the apple orchards of Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

I’m really happy to be sharing the Table of Contents with a fabulous bunch of writers, many of whom it’s a pleasure to call friends. Check it out:TT2 TOC


Proceeds from Trickster’s Treats #2 are going to a very worthy cause. This year’s charity is Women’s Community Shelters who work to provide direct relief of suffering of disadvantaged and homeless Australian women by establishing new shelters in partnership with communities. We only need to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television to see the very real horrors faced by women across the country, so it’s wonderful to support a cause that is focused on women in crisis.

You can order Trickster’s Treats #2 in paperback of eBook edition here:
TT2 cover 1



Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days …
Rebecca 🙂

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Writing Retreat Rambles From a Cabin in the Woods

Last weekend I, along with five other horror / dark fantasy writer buddies, brought the ultimate horror trope to life when our three day writing retreat took us to … a cabin in the woods!

Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t quite a cabin (we were spoiled in deluxe spa lodge accommodation), but it was definitely in the woods. The towering Mountain Ash and lush tree ferns of Mount Dandenong made for a very dramatic setting, and added the perfect misty veil of atmosphere to our winter write-in.




We kick started the retreat with a Friday night ‘Christmas in July’ dinner at the Pig and Whistle Tavern at Olinda, complete with Santa hats. Terrifying looking bunch, aren’t we? 🙂  xmas in july

On Saturday morning, the ever-fabulous Deb Sheldon joined us for coffee and cake (and wine) and added value to our group with her fabulous industry insights and writerly advice. It’s easy to see why Deb’s award-winning career has enjoyed such longevity and acclaim: she’s a total professional.

The rest of the weekend was a wonderful fusion of personal writing time, work shopping, wining, dining, woodland wandering, and reflecting on our writing goals and objectives. I made plotting progress on ‘Tawn’, the first book in my sci fi trilogy, The Hypatia Chronicles, and got some healthy words down on the first draft.


For me, there is no greater inspiration and motivation than spending time with like minded people who share my passion for writing and celebrate and support each others work and ambitions. A huge thank you to Isabelle, who presented everyone with a gorgeous horror-themed retreat gift bag (below), Dominique, Kate, Noel, and a special high five to Louise, who single-handedly oversaw every aspect of the retreat – from go to whoa – like a boss.

gift bag

Oh, and we also had two retreat cats! This is ‘Citroen’, who alternated between judgemental glares, demands for cuddles, and aloof disdain.


If you’re a writer who needs time away from life to get some words down or to reconnect with your community, I heartily recommend a writing retreat to inspire, invigorate, and refresh your creative spirit.

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days x


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Book Launch Photos and Frivolity – Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean

On Saturday 16th June, my junior teen fantasy adventure ‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ was officially launched to a full house at Mornington Library.

It was wonderful to have so many family, friends, StoryCraft Creative Writing Workshop folk, and the general public turn up in droves to celebrate #curtiscreed   including two of my Gold Coast besties.   I was completely overwhelmed with the appearance of some surprise guests (I’m looking at you, Karl, Kerry and Bridget), who had travelled Secret Squirrel style from Queensland to share the day. #myheart

Here’s some pics of the Launch. How about that cake?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Special thanks to Rosebud Book Barn who facilitated sales on the day, and completely sold out of stock. Thank you to Andrea Rowe for being such a stellar MC. Thank you to my beloved minions: Mum, Dad, Steve, Thomas, Karl and Jo for your help and support, and for keeping me from turning into Bookzilla pre-launch 🙂

And, thanks again to Gerry from IFWG Publishing Australia, it was lovely to have you and Erin there on the day.

‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ is available through all good bookstores, or via Amazon in paperback or eBook.

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days 🙂



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‘Hermit 2.0’ Highly Commended in the Somers Paper Nautilus 2018 Short Story Competition

Today I was pleased to learn that my story, Hermit 2.0, received a ‘Highly Commended’ in the fiction category of the Somers Paper Nautilus 2018 short story competition.

The theme for this year’s competition was ‘Shell’. I love using themes as a springboard to really think outside the square, so Hermit 2.0 evolved into a dark little slice of dystopian disturbia highlighting a shell of a very different kind.


The judge for the fiction category this year was best-selling crime writer, Garry Disher (eeeep!) and more than anything I’m rapt he really liked my writing.  I was also pleased to see several friends included among the winners and honourable mentions (I’m looking at you Louise Zedda-Sampson, Liz Hicklin, and Clementine Rowe)!

Garry Disher made the following comments, “Good stories evoke a sense of place and character, hint at meanings below the surface (Ernest Hemingway’s iceberg analogy), and trace a shift, however subtle, in how the main characters live or understand their lives. That the winning and commended stories achieved this in only 500 words is a considerable achievement.”

The winning stories and highly commended stories will be published in coming editions of Somers Paper Nautilus, so I’ll share the link when it’s available.

You can check all the Winners, Highly Commended and Runners-Up here.

Big congratulations to everyone, and well done to all who entered. Big thanks to the judges, and of course Somers Paper Nautilus for running the competition. I’m looking forward to next year already!

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days.



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Book Launch – Saturday 16th June

It’s here and it’s happening!  It’s almost time to launch this book baby into the literary world…

Surf on in to celebrate the launch of ‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ in the Moorooduc Function Room at Mornington Library on Saturday, 16th June from 2:00pm – 3:30pm.there_will_be_cake_funny_party_invitation_postcard-r2fee66646a1a436cb9c139a44cbf920c_vgbaq_8byvr_325

You’re invited to join me and IFWG Publishing Australia for nibbles, cake, and a raised glass. ‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ will be available to purchase on the day with special thanks to Rosebud Bookbarn, so make sure you get your copy signed 🙂

For more information, and to RSVP, click here.

‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ is a middle grade/junior teen fantasy adventure released through IFWG Publishing Australia.  If you’re unable to make it to the launch and don’t want to wait until it hits your bookstore or library, you can pre-order a copy right up until the 25th May by clicking here.

Cover Wrap_Curtis Creed

Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean: Wraparound cover

‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean’ is a middle grade/junior teen fantasy adventure released through IFWG Publishing Australia.

BLURB: In the coastal Queensland town of Midnight Cove, thirteen-year-old Curtis Creed’s world is falling apart. Once a talented upcoming surfer, he cannot bring himself to return to the ocean. His inability to overcome his fear earns him the ridicule of his older brother, Dylan. Worse, his family is struggling to cope with the loss of their father in a rock fishing accident.

The summer holiday looks long and lonely for Curtis until he meets Navaya, a mysterious sea dweller he rescues from fishing line in a rock pool.

When Curtis agrees to help Navaya find the Moami, the key to an undersea cavern hiding her people’s most precious secrets, he embarks on a dangerous quest that sees him join forces with awkward but brilliant new girl in town, Morgan.

Will Curtis be able to overcome his fears to return the Moami to its rightful owners before Navaya’s enemies succeed in their deadly mission? Was his father’s death really an accident? And what exactly is the lore of the ocean?

images (1)
I look forward to seeing you!
Happy writing, happy reading, and happy days! 🙂

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