Hell’s Bells, you’ll want to read this!

Hell’s Bells, stories of festive fear penned by members of the Australian Horror Writers Association went live this week.

The Christmas-inspired ghostly anthology of flash fiction contains forty works from emerging and established Aussie authors, and includes my nasty little tale The Carol Singer at the Back.

I’ve always enjoyed writing flash. It’s a medium that is challenging in its brevity; its limited word count forcing the writer to sacrifice elements of more traditional length stories while maintaining a workable narrative.

If you love your dark-weird fiction bite-sized, Hell’s Bells is full of juicy morsels to sink your fangs into. Hell’s Bells is performing very well on Amazon, currently rubbing shoulders with Anne Rice and Dean Koontz among others!

You can get a copy here, and have yourself a creepy little Christmas.

The full  lineup includes:

  • Tradition ~ Martin Livingshells-bells
  • The Christmas Before Night ~ Neil Cladingboel
  • When All Goes Cold ~ David Schembri
  • Oh Christmas Tree ~ Jason Nahrung
  • Christmas Spirit ~ Chris Mason
  • Ever Near To Us ~ Bernie Rutkay
  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas ~ Greg Chapman
  • The Gift ~ Mark Smith-Briggs
  • Three Doors Down ~ Cameron Trost
  • Hairy Plopper and the Half-Blood Pudding ~ Keith Williams
  • When This You See, Think Of Me ~ Deborah Sheldon
  • A Christmas Carillon ~ Joy Loggie
  • Christmas Past ~ Anthony Ferguson
  • Do Not Open This Gift ~ Chris Ferdinands
  • Propellor ~ C S Hughes
  • Feeding The Fire ~ Barb Ettridge
  • All I Want ~ Angela J Maher
  • Grandmother Rina ~ Geneve Flynn
  • Strange How Potent Cheap Music Can Be ~ Rob Barden
  • Santa’s Slay ~ Louise Zedda-Sampson
  • Home For Christmas ~ Trevor Cleland
  • The Carol Singer At The Back ~ Rebecca Fraser
  • Christmas Morning ~ Steve Paulsen
  • Alone ~ Steve Herczeg
  • The thought that Counts ~ Christopher Pulo
  • Roland’s Merry Christmas ~ Gerry Huntman
  • Bitterness Of Brugmansia ~ Helen Stubbs
  • Old Man Christmas ~ Andy Cull
  • Christmas Presence ~ Matthew R Davis
  • Yellagonga ~ Shane Jiraiya Cummings
  • Rescue By Santa ~ Noel Osualdini
  • A Hellish Christmas ~ Onyx D’Castro-Noack
  • A Christmas Retribution ~ Silvia Brown
  • Ghosts Of Christmases Past ~ Darren Gore
  • The Daughter Of Clay ~ Shaun Taylor
  • Three Little Words ~ Steve Dillon
  • The Covenant Guarantee ~ Adam Bertram
  • Living With Loss ~ Alan Baxter
  • In A Perfect World ~ Michael Claudius
  • Deck the Walls ~ Claire Fitzpatrick

About Rebecca Fraser

Rebecca Fraser is an award-winning Australian author, with a solid career of writing with influence across a variety of mediums. To provide her muse with life’s essentials she content writes for the corporate world; however her true passion lies in storytelling. Say g'day on Twitter and Instagram @becksmuse
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